In late 2002 I founded the simfully yahoo group - also known as Sims R Us -  which came to grow to over 12,000 members. Since then I've been modding the sims on and off. But it wasn't till the start of 2005 that I started working on the sims2. As a result, I've archived a whole bunch of mods and some of them I will place here. Some more prominent ones you will find at modthesims2 under the name cathair2005.

So without boring you further, I will present you with what you came here for - to see some mods. The list below contains some of my mods. Details about my funeral project can be linked to from the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately, I haven't played the sims since Seasons and, even though I have Bon Voyage, you will find these mods are not compatible with it. Should you wish to use any of my mods, modify or update them; all I ask is that you link back here.

Let me know what you think of these mods. Any feedback is welcome.


  • Right click on the file you want to download
  • Click "Save As" and add it into either the downloads folder or any other subfolder in the following directory, My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\...


Make sure you have the required expansions.
If the mods do not work on your system, do not save! Instead, quit out and remove them immediately.

Build/Buy Mode Enabler... for Seasons

(requires all expansions up to Seasons)
If you got my build/buy mode enabler for pets from modthesims2, you are free to use it with seasons. I've tested out the code and it works. But this up to date one allows the mode to be enabled for:
  • Fires
  • Burglars
  • Driving
  • Angry NPCs recompensating themselves
  • When visiting community lots
  • When selling an owned community lot while on that lot
  • And, of course, the dreaded repoman
When these situations occur, build/buy mode will be available which is not normally the case.


... and for Bon Voyage

(requires all expansions up to Bon Voyage)
While at a community lot, Mortimer collects the first piece of evidence against his cheating future son-in-law, Don. What else can you see? That's right... the build/buy mode is enabled for BV and with it you'll never have to worry about it disabling again.
Be aware that I do need testers even though I've tested it myself. It works for me but, at the time of writing, I have all EPs up to Bon Voyage and all stuff packs just short of Teen Style.


Car Hack

(requires all expansions up to at least Pets; may or may not require Seasons)
Meadow takes her husband and son to work/school then picks up pizza and Chinese.

This is the update for the mod that became affectionately known as the car hack. At the moment, the mod is stable and functioning but I may do a bit of tweaking and changing. For now, it has the following options:
  • Order pizzas (up to 4)
  • Order Chinese (up to 4)
  • Order groceries (up to capacity)
  • Take household members to work or school
  • And, best of all, all this can be done in one trip
This mod is not compatible with the Inteenimator. Thankyou Zoe for testing this out for me.


Rummageable Armoire

(requires all expansions up to Seasons)
When you look through an old armoire, you never know what clothes you will find. You may even find stuff you never remember buying.

This hacked armoire allows you to get new clothes without having to pay a single simoleon. It is much the same as the one I made at MTS2 except this one doesn't have the ability to instantaneously change clothes. See here for my original dresser which includes a pre-seasons version.


Community Lot Party

(requires all expansions up to Pets or Seasons)
I have been working on milkshape 3D and as a result have lost track of my mods. But I'm uploading this one that never saw the light of day - until now. If you have all the expansions up to pets it should work. However, if you have Seasons, it will work but nothing less than Pets or Seasons.

This mod allows you to create a community party. There may be limitations involved because of the computer's speed, the game may send some guests home. To avoid this, you may need to use my build/buy mode enabler and move_objects on cheat and manually delete some of the unwanted party guests.

These parties can be easier because there is more socialisation - for some reason - on communiy lots. But it can be harder in a restaurant as this picture shows. This is because, unless in a group, sims will not dine together ):

To have a community lot party, first go to the community lot, then use a cellphone to throw party in the usual manner.


Go Cruising with Multiple Sims
I'm no longer working on this mod. What I was trying to do was enable multiple sims to take a spin in the car. Instead, all I've created is a car with a mind of it's own. Here we see "Herbie" kidnapping Benjamin Broke.
Project Proposal: Funeral